2019 - The Year You Do You

2019, What Will It Bring?

It’s a brand new year, and often a time where people take a look at their lives and decide to make changes. I am one of them and am determined to make 2019 my year, how about you?

I’ve made a conscious decision to make 2019 the year I do me. I’ve spent the last few years trying to mould myself, both professionally and personally, into something that I’m not. It wasn’t intentional, I think it was down to a lack in confidence and not really knowing myself which direction I wanted to go in.

When it came to my wedding photography business, I think I had fallen into the trap of trying to pigeon hole myself (is that still a saying?!) I had spent SO much time working on my website and branding, only to be left feeling that it wasn’t quite right. That it wasn’t quite me. I put myself under so much pressure to ‘look’ like a wedding photographer that I lost the fun. Why do we do that? Why do we compare ourselves to others? It’s a pretty pointless exercise, and can only lead to you feeling crap and losing your own (awesome) identity.

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I had an amazing 2018 and worked with lots of super-lovely couples, photographing their beautiful weddings. I received so many comments about how well I put people at ease, how relaxed I made the whole experience for them - so why was I stressing myself out over silly things like colours and fonts?! Why was I not able to write in a way that actually sounded like me?

Once I had made my New Years resolution to do me, in all aspects of my life, it suddenly became a lot easier. I found myself relaxing, the pressure was off! All I had to do was be me. An honest version of myself, not the one that I thought people wanted to see. You’ll notice that my branding has completely changed, using bright colours instead of the muted tones that I had originally chosen. I’ve started to write in a more informal way, which sounds much more like me. I’ve tried to inject a bit of fun into it, to reflect my personality, and I have to say that I’m much happier with it!

Get to the point woman!

So what is the point of this rambling? Can you relate to my story? Have you spent time trying to fit in, trying to portray a different version of yourself? (thanks Social media!) Tried to please others, but in the process made yourself unhappy?

We’ve all done it. Wedding planning can be a prime example of this, with lots of couples altering their plans or ideas to please others. My advice to you? Do you. Don’t worry about upsetting Auntie Gwen, go ahead and book your woodland wedding ceremony. Forget about Nanny Rita and keep your hair purple for your wedding. It is your day so DO YOU.

Let’s smash 2019, our way.
Be confident, be assertive, be you.

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