Why Rain on Your Wedding Day Won't Ruin Your Fun

Top Tips for a Wet Wedding

Now that the sun is back we can get on with the business of wedding season! But of course rain on your big day is no big deal, check out these ideas if you do get some of the wet stuff on your big day.

Outdoor Wedding Wellies

1. Wedding Wellies

I recommend to all my Brides that they have an emergency pair of Wedding Wellies available. I sometimes like to take my couples exploring for the top spots at a venue for their couples portraits. This sometimes means a bit of cross-country field hopping. Wellies are the perfect footwear if it is a bit damp or underfoot, we'll also take an usher or two with us to help keep that gorgeous dress out of the mud!

2. Umbrellas

You never know what the weather will bring on your big day, and you don't necessarily want to go out and buy a load of umbrellas that you'll never use again. Luckily Brolly Bucket has got your back. With a wide range of umbrellas available to hire, in a colour to match your styling you really haven't got any excuse not to get outside for some beautiful brolly shots. 

3. Keep the Kids Happy

If the rain is ruining play, and garden games are off the menu due to bad weather set up a tipi corner for them! Fable and Moon have some beautifully styled children's accessories and toys to bring some boho magic to your little guests. They also offer a craftbar or glitterbar, which you might have trouble keeping your big guests away from!

4. Location, Location, Location

Most outdoor venues will have a contingency plan in place in case of heavy rain. If you are planning on an outdoor ceremony, find out from the venue what the back up plan is if the weather isn't quite playing ball on the day. 

5. Wet weather photography

Most photographers will use professional equipment which is often weather-sealed, meaning that a bit of wet weather shouldn't dampen the chance to get outside for photos. Check with them beforehand so that you don't find out they are a weather wimp on the big day itself! Rain provides the opportunity for some amazing shots, that you wouldn't achieve on a dry day. Using the umbrella's and wellies above you can get creative with your photographer and capture some really fun shots that capture your day as it really was.

6. Don't let it dampen your day

Remember that whatever the weather, your wedding day will still be the one day that you can look back on and say that you said 'I do'. You will be marrying the love of your life, whatever the weather throws at you so embrace it! Make it a part of your day - let the best man throw a few weather puns into his speech, ask the DJ to include a few rain-related songs into your playlist (think Umbrella by Rhinanna, Thunder by Imagine Dragons, Rain by The Script), use wellies as vases for the bouquets when you're done holding them. If all get's too much and the weather is really getting to you, throw your wellies on and go and have a splash - when life gives you rain, play in the puddles!