Engagement Shoot ~ Why Are They So Important?

The real reason I encourage all couples to have an Engagement Shoot...

I often get told by couples that they aren't interested in an engagement shoot.
"Why would we want more photos when we'll be having lots taken on the wedding day?"
It's actually got very little to do with the photos themselves, and more to do with the process of getting them.

Let me ask you this; when was the last time you had professional photos taken? 
Have you ever had someone follow you around with a camera, you being the sole focus of their attention?

I use my engagement sessions to help get my couple used to having their photographs taken.
A lot of people aren't actually that comfortable being in front of the camera, so this is a great way to help them relax.

I often see that Brides and/or Grooms are very uncomfortable to start with, giving me forced/awkward smiles. After a fun, relaxed session they are usually a lot happier enabling me to capture the gorgeous natural happy images that they want. We chat all about your wedding plans, about your lives, your interests, how you met... all a distraction from the task in hand (and the great big camera pointing at you!)

It's a great way to get to know your photographer, and for them to get to know you. You will be spending a lot of time with them on your wedding day, you want to be comfortable around them. 

Where should I have my engagement shoot?

If possible, I like my engagement sessions to take place at the wedding venue. It's a great opportunity for you to show me round, show me what you fell in love with about it, why you chose it for your special day. Even if I have photographed a wedding there before, each venue is special to each couple for different reasons and I want to know what is special to you.
We can also look for the best spots to use, saving time on the day itself. 

Don't let your wedding day be the practice run! Book an engagement shoot and get the awkward smiles out of the way then, paving the way for beautifully relaxed natural moments on the big day .

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