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Me on a good hair day!

Hi there!

I'm Rachel, and I love being around fun, happy people! I can't think of a happier occasion than a wedding, which is why I adore photographing them. 

I live in Reading with my husband and three wildlings. I am an outdoor girl at heart, with a particular fondness for ferns. Donning our wellies, we can often be found exploring the Berkshire countryside (trying not to imagine a wedding couple in every beauty spot we find!) My favourite things in life are chocolate, trashy TV (Love Island and Housewives of Cheshire are the current faves), snapchat, gin and getting together with my girl friends. 

I fully appreciate every little detail that goes into planning the wildest of weddings and ensure that they aren't missed when capturing your day. Through my photography I will provide an authentic view of your day, snapping moments as they happen. From the moment I arrive to capture you preparing for your special day, I will be right there with you offering a tissue or lifting your dress out of puddles. It will be a rollercoaster of emotions, and I'll be there every step of the way to ensure all are documented for you to look back on forever. When you've grown old and grey together you'll still be laughing at the picture of cousin Dave legging it down the lane after your vintage veil that got whipped away by a random gust of wind. Or the image of your Husband stood sheepishly in his battered old pair of trainers because he forgot his wedding shoes and ended up delaying the whole day (enough time will have passed by then to find it funny).

Me and my tribe

Me and my tribe

Follow your own path.

Working with fun couples who are planning a creative wedding day unique to them, my laid back style fits well with relaxed celebrations. Whether you are planning a wild woodland or boho beach wedding I would love to hear all about your plans! I LOVE talking to couples about their big day and becoming a part of their journey.

I'll be honest with you, I’m not a huge fan of group shots.
There, I said it. I don't like herding your wedding party like a flock of sheep, and I don't like looking for Auntie Gwen in the toilets. I also have a strong disliking of throwing the bouquet and cutting the cake. Meh.

What I DO love is photographing people. People that are important to YOU and that are part of YOUR journey into married life.
I adore capturing the moments that often go unnoticed, the raw emotions of the day.
I like to shoot in a way that is unobtrusive and relaxed, capturing those natural moments for you forever. 

So if you want to ditch the group shots and go for some beautifully romantic sunset shots instead then do it!
If you want to scrap the heels and go for some cool converse then go for it!
It's your day, so do you.

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So that's me. A bit daft, but a huge romantic at heart with a passion for creative wedding photography. You can rest assured that I will work my butt off to capture every single amazing moment of your big day. Pinky promise.

If you like my natural, creative style lets talk!
We can get together for a chat over a cuppa and jaffa cake, where you can tell me all about your exciting wedding plans.

Rachel x

They've never been any good at hide and seek!

They've never been any good at hide and seek!